Spelling and that horrible lined brown paper…

journeys-spelling-sheets1We started a new reading curriculum this year, Journeys 2017 by HMH.  I have spent a lot of time organizing the different elements and creating documents and forms to use with the program and organize myself.  The spelling segment has 3 sections, a pretest, a word study list and a weekly assessment.  Using all that brown lined paper was making me nuts so I created these sheets.  There are 12 weekly words, 2 review words and 2 challenge words. Day 1 starts with a pretest which if the students pass, they move onto the advanced list which focuses on a more complex spelling rule.  After the Spelling Pretest, I post the spelling words on the whiteboard and have the students copy them down on the Spelling Words Study Sheet to take home. Then on Friday we take our weekly assessment on those words on the Spelling Test Sheet.  No. More. Brown. Lined. Paper. #happyteacher

I’ve just put these up over in my TPT store so head on over and check them out.  The set includes 9 sheets, one set with a place for a student number, and one set without and a set with review and challenge words and one without.  Let me know if they work for you in your classroom!  Bonnie

Do you Osmo?

We do and we Ldonors-choose-ipad-with-osmo-and-logoOVE our Osmo station in our classroom! I originally heard about Osmo on Facebook…I think.  It may have showed up as a sponsored ad on my page but honestly, I can’t remember.  It was during Christmas break last year and to be honest, I originally thought it was a Google game because of the colors in the logo.  It isn’t but I bought one and am so glad I did.  You need an Ipad to put in the base and there is a little red mirror that sits over the camera.  This makes the table, or any hard surface, the playing field, ergo, no touching the screen and multiple players, win. win.  There are several games, Numbers, Words, Tangrams and recently Coding. There is Masterpiece and Newton which are also included but I don’t use those as often.  I use Words as a center during reading and Numbers (which has both number and dot tiles)  for a center during Math.  Lately we have been focusing on our new game, Coding.  I love how this game is all about sequencing and uses pieces that have magnets that easily snap together.  To keep track of who has been on the game and who needs to have a turn, I made some sign in sheets.  I keep one for each game on a different clipboard and keep it at the game station.  I’ve just put these up for sale in my TPT store and this is the preview photo.  The Osmo website has great videos of all the games that you can watch here.  You should seriously check it out and this is my personal opinion of a product that I have in my class, no one is paying me.  Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! slide1

Chromebooks, the birth of the Tech Team and a Freebie


Last year our school became a Google school, yeah!  All of our email domains changed and each student was assigned a login that stays with them until high school graduation.  (My district has one elementary, middle and high school – did I mention I live in a smallish town?)  We also received sets of Chromebooks, not 1:1 but we share the carts among our grade levels.  Again, yeah! Continue reading

Witchy fingers…


Our Target now has a Halloween dollar section!  What could be better than that I ask you!?   Well, not much in my book.  I had to buy these funny Halloween witchy fingers for my reading groups.  They were SO excited.  #everybodytracking #everybodyfocused  It’s perfect timing because we are starting Roald Dahl “The Witches” for our read aloud next week. Target for the win!

Owl Directed Drawings

I have done this directed drawing of an owl the past few years with my second grade students.  Each time it comes out so wonderful that I leave their drawings up for several weeks.  We line up the branches so they look like they are all sitting in the same tree.  I use Art For Kids Hub YouTube channel pretty much exclusively when doing directed drawings with my students.  It is a family site and the father, Rob, draws alongside his son, Continue reading

Mondays and Play-doh

playdoh-with-logoI started using Play-doh with my second grade students last year as a form of word work and they love it.  There is something about the smell of it (personally I like it, I think because it bring back memories of being young) and there is just something about that squishy texture that is so great.  As a district we started using Journeys from HMH for our reading curriculum this year.  Each week my students get a new set of spelling words which we cut out and keep in a pocket I have taped to their desk.  We had these old library book pockets that I found in a cupboard that worked perfectly.  One of the authors of this program is Dr. Shane Templeton who coauthored Continue reading