Mondays and Play-doh

playdoh-with-logoI started using Play-doh with my second grade students last year as a form of word work and they love it.  There is something about the smell of it (personally I like it, I think because it bring back memories of being young) and there is just something about that squishy texture that is so great.  As a district we started using Journeys from HMH for our reading curriculum this year.  Each week my students get a new set of spelling words which we cut out and keep in a pocket I have taped to their desk.  We had these old library book pockets that I found in a cupboard that worked perfectly.  One of the authors of this program is Dr. Shane Templeton who coauthored Words Their Way.  I used that program for my spelling supplement last year, so was excited about the new curriculum.  Anyway – this is our Monday morning seat work, while I am taking attendance and we are waiting for our morning announcements, we make our new words out of Play-doh.  The students love it and it is a great way to introduce the new words to them, not to mention the muscle memory benefits.  I bought a big colorful set at Walmart on sale.  Open a can of Play-doh and see if you don’t agree with me about that smell 🙂  Happy Monday!