Owl Directed Drawings

I have done this directed drawing of an owl the past few years with my second grade students.  Each time it comes out so wonderful that I leave their drawings up for several weeks.  We line up the branches so they look like they are all sitting in the same tree.  I use Art For Kids Hub YouTube channel pretty much exclusively when doing directed drawings with my students.  It is a family site and the father, Rob, draws alongside his son, Checkers.  They have a delightful banter, my students love it and they can see that Checkers drawings, he is around the same age as them, don’t look perfect like his dad’s.  The camera angle is great, it is above their heads and they always use black sharpies and white paper.  I usually pause the video a few times to let everyone catch up.  I just took them down after I took this photo to laminate them.  We need a little writing prompt next week so they are going to name their owl and write a story about him.  Happy long weekend to my district, four days, woo hoo!