Chromebooks, the birth of the Tech Team and a Freebie


Last year our school became a Google school, yeah!  All of our email domains changed and each student was assigned a login that stays with them until high school graduation.  (My district has one elementary, middle and high school – did I mention I live in a smallish town?)  We also received sets of Chromebooks, not 1:1 but we share the carts among our grade levels.  Again, yeah!

At the beginning of the year our students, and their parents, sign an “Acceptable Use Policy”.  We go over that before anyone logs on just to make sure they understand how import it is to be a good digital citizen.  I then proceeded, by myself,  to assist 20 students to login using their emails and passwords.  (Remember my students are 7 years old)  Madness ensued.  “Miss Hannigan my email doesn’t work” “Miss Hannigan my password is wrong” “Miss Hannigan I don’t get it” etc.  It was a good learning moment for me.  I needed assistants and the Tech Team was born (drum roll sound)  Any of my students who want to join are welcome, the catch is, they give up a few recesses to practice logging on and off and learn some basic trouble shooting from me.  Last year I had four students and they were amazing!  It was a complete success, the students loved the responsibility and watching them help their peers was wonderful.  They LOVE wearing their badges and from then on, anytime we used the Chromebooks the Tech Team was there to assist me.  This year, having learned my lesson, I have another team in training.  They are doing awesome and super psyched to wear their badges.  I have put these badges up in my TPT store for you to download for free.  I know, I opened a store, I am SO fancy (eye roll)  Click here to go to my store to download the pdf file.  The download includes both color and black/white, there are eight of each.  Let me know if they work for you!


Long live the TECH TEAM! (trumpet sounds)