Do you Osmo?

We do and we Ldonors-choose-ipad-with-osmo-and-logoOVE our Osmo station in our classroom! I originally heard about Osmo on Facebook…I think.  It may have showed up as a sponsored ad on my page but honestly, I can’t remember.  It was during Christmas break last year and to be honest, I originally thought it was a Google game because of the colors in the logo.  It isn’t but I bought one and am so glad I did.  You need an Ipad to put in the base and there is a little red mirror that sits over the camera.  This makes the table, or any hard surface, the playing field, ergo, no touching the screen and multiple players, win. win.  There are several games, Numbers, Words, Tangrams and recently Coding. There is Masterpiece and Newton which are also included but I don’t use those as often.  I use Words as a center during reading and Numbers (which has both number and dot tiles)  for a center during Math.  Lately we have been focusing on our new game, Coding.  I love how this game is all about sequencing and uses pieces that have magnets that easily snap together.  To keep track of who has been on the game and who needs to have a turn, I made some sign in sheets.  I keep one for each game on a different clipboard and keep it at the game station.  I’ve just put these up for sale in my TPT store and this is the preview photo.  The Osmo website has great videos of all the games that you can watch here.  You should seriously check it out and this is my personal opinion of a product that I have in my class, no one is paying me.  Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! slide1