Voting Day, But First, A Big Coffee, A Big Green Drink And An Even BIGGER Cookie!

img_1133I was caffeinated, greened and sugared up with a big latte, an even bigger green smoothie and… a BIG cookie.  I had planned to talk about voting in my classroom, the election, how it works, a brief overview of the electoral college, I even downloaded the great election resource from Amy Groesbeck  but… I just couldn’t do it.  My audience is 7 and 8 year olds and I just knew where the conversation would go and wanted to keep it a really positive day in my classroom.  So… we did vote but, we voted for food, Zucca The Zucchini!  I host “Taste It Tuesday ” in my classroom because it makes me crazy when my students say, “Yuck” when they have never tried something.  The day before our school kitchen had prepared roasted zucchini with parmesan cheese (we have a great school kitchen that makes amazing healthy food for our students, most of it locally sourced) and there was a lot of “yucks”.  They should have known, I came to school the next day with a bowl full of zucchini for us to taste.   fullsizerender-1We smelled the spices, took apart the pepper mill (talk about minds blown – they had no idea how it worked!) tasted the olive oil, measured ingredients and worked together.  The big win was they liked it, they really liked it!   I love, “Taste It Tuesday” and the teaching moments that arise.  In the end, Zucca The Zucchini won the election in our classroom and it was a good day for everyone.