The Grad School Hole…

Sigh – since March I have been working in the classroom and started grad school, so needless to say, my home here in cyberspace has been sorely neglected.  Let’s do it now she thought, get it done in one year she pondered, I will opt for the accelerated program she planned, with no breaks and classes every eight weeks, it won’t be a big deal she told herself, it is only one summer she said, it will go by quick she told herself!  Oh. My. The. Work. Is. Nuts. and it takes all my time and creative energy so, once this goal is reached and crossed off my list, I will be back and my TPT store and my blog will get a lot more attention, I promise.

I will emerge in March of 2018 with more knowledge in my head, more tools in my teacher toolbox and another degree on the wall.

A presto,  Bonnie xo

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